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Why Choose Us?


Grown in Ruskin, our insects thrive due to the great weather. Florida provides the right humidity and warmth needed in order for our bugs to thrive. While these properties make the Sunshine state infamous for its mosquitoes, they are also great for mealworms! You can be assured that our mealworms are healthy and grown great.

If you happen to live in the Sunshine state, you will get the benefit of enjoying 1-2 day shipping from your order date. Most farms are located in other states such as California, which takes longer delivery time. Before clicking on sellers such as Rainbow Mealworms, feel free to consider us as your supplier of insects.

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About Our Leather
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The team at Many Mealworms are American patriots. We are proudly committed to using as much American made goods as possible. Here's a list of where our components are sourced from

  • Wheat Bran-USA

  • Sterlite Containers-USA

  • Labeling Stickers-USA

  • GE Chest Freezer-USA

  • Pupa Sifter-USA

  • USPS Boxes-USA

  • Bag Sealer-Taiwan

  • Carrots-Mexico or Canada

Last but not least!

  • Live Insects-Proudly Born in USA


Ever since our May 2020 debut, we have received great acclaim for our efforts. Most of our customers have praised Many Mealworms for the fast shipping and great mealworms. Some of them have even claimed that they were the best mealworms they ever had.


We are proud to receive such recognition. The team at Many Mealworms work many long hours to ensure pet owners receive the best. We will continue this legacy for the future and beyond.

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