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 Michael Ngo looked for a way to increase  the production for his chicken farm in 2019. Upon research, he discovered that mealworms have great nutritional value. He bought some dried mealworms and gave his lovely ladies a treat. 

But there was a problem. His chickens did not engage the dried mealworms as much as he wanted. Michael persisted once again and discovered live mealworms. He bought and fed them to his chickens. Needless to say, they absolutely loved it.

However, Michael thought it was ridiculous that he had to buy all the way from California in order to feed his gals. He began to raise his own mealworms in Florida and slowly built up his farm. He finally debuted on eBay on May 6th, 2020 with commercial acclaim. Since then, he has also began selling on Etsy and finally this website. He and his team have also been working on a "super" surprise that is coming very soon.

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Michael Ngo

President and Owner of Many Mealworms!


Phuong Linh Ngo

Primary Manager of Many Mealworms!

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